Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

Fashion for sustainability

The French PPR group holding some of the most famous luxury fashion labels as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta but also sport brands as Puma and fashion retailers as Redoute is the main sponsor of a movie showing breathtaking pictures, alarming facts and real solutions. The initiative called the Home Project, is a film by the famous photographer Yann-Arthus Bertand and Luc Besson (Taxi, The 5th Element, Léon) and is a great experience - as a piece of art aiming at sensitizing us for the situation and the problems of our home - the planet - a place of delicate harmony. Fashion for sustainability - a piece of art and hopefully a step forward. You can watch the movie on YouTube till June 14th, 2009 where there is a link to join the cause.


Olaf hat gesagt…

Tolle Bilder!Echt sehr professionell! Die ganze Seite finde ich echt sehr gut.Weiter so!

S. hat gesagt…


deep_in_vogue hat gesagt…

Strahotna kauza, dano neshtata da trugnat da se promenqt za kum po-dobro. Mersi mnogo za pojelaniqta! Celuvki, Vera