Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Summer in White. Looks by H&M

After having spend almost an hour in a H&M store yesterday, I was impatient to show you some wonderful pieces I found - timeless, chic and well done - a jacket and a skirt. Unfortunately I couldn't find them in the online shop. Still wondering what the reason is... However I found two great summer looks proposed by H&M. A skirt in violet combined with a romantic white blouse and a white skirt in a combination with black. No doubt for me, white is one of the summer colours (and looks at least as beautiful on snowy winter days as well:)).

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Pix hat gesagt…

glaub auch, das Weiß die Farbe des Sommers wird.. zumindest bei den Jeans soll es ja so sein.. mal schaun was noch kommt :)